Presentation at the Interlift fair of the new range of Orona lifts, having a lift car aesthetic design defined by LKS DIARADESIGN

The new range of Orona 3G lifts was presented to the market on the last 14th of October at the main lifting trade fair in Europe, "Interlift" in Augsburg (Germany). Among the newest aspects, the most noteworthy one is the new design of the lift cars, defined by LKS DIARADESIGN.

The aesthetics of the new range strongly reinforces the growing Orona brand and product positioning in the international market. The new product has a "European" clean, attractive and modern design and transmits technology, innovation and sustainability, the main attributes of the Orona 3G solutions.

The design is the result of over two years of collaboration between ORONA and LKS DIARADESIGN, starting with a product-market study, followed by a design and creativity phase and a development and support phase in making the prototypes. The result encouraged both companies to continue working on defining new collaborations for solutions to be incorporated to the Orona catalogue in the future.