LKS and Prospektiker participate in an Adegi conference on Strategic Intelligence

Ibon Zugasti, Manager of Prospektiker (Grupo LKS) and Alberto Merino, consultant at LKS, will participate in the conference organised by ADEGI -Gipuzkoa Association of Businesspersons- on 22nd October on “Competitive Surveillance and Strategic Intelligence: concepts, tools and experiences”.

Ibon Zugasti and Alberto Merino will present the concepts of what is considered Strategic Intelligence. The conference will be held at ADEGI’s headquarters in San Sebastián, and will also receive the participation of the Director of Competitiveness and Innovation at Adegi, Patxi Sasigain; Ander Azkarate Ideko, from Danobat, and Xabier Garcia de Kortazar, from Hispavista.

The uncertainties surrounding the current economic and technological environment make it more difficult for businesses to make decisions and to position themselves strategically, despite the enormous volume of information available that is increasingly accessible.

Selecting, organising and extracting the relevant information systematically to turn it into knowledge, manage it and ensure it reaches the decision maker in any field is a necessary issue in order to establish an optimal strategy for organisations and take advantage of opportunities in the market without making mistakes.

This conference will explain in more detail how to establish an efficient process for the implementation of a minimum surveillance and strategic intelligence system and some simple and inexpensive but effective tools that any company can start to use.

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