Inauguration of the public exhibition of the Masterplan for Panaji (India)

The exhibition of the draft of the Masterplan for the holistic development of Panaji, in the state of Goa (India), was inaugurated on the 18th of July.

The displayed work is the result of seven months of intensive work that LKS carried out in collaboration with all local administrations and a great amount of professionals and local collectives. The slogan of the exhibition was "Imagine Panaji", and it presented proposals in the field of mobility, utilities, green areas and public spaces, heritage and city branding and tourism.

The inauguration was presided by the Prime Minister of Goa, the Honourable Shri Manohar Parikkar and the exhibition remained open to public for 30 days, for public dissemination and collection of suggestions. The local media echoed this event in a very significant way.

Alberto Gorroñogoitia, Managing Director of LKS Ingeniería, attended the inauguration event. LKS work team members assisted the exhibition in order to help explaining the proposals, answer queries and gather suggestions.

This act is a preliminary step for the completion of the Masterplan. LKS is currently working on the drafting of some of the projects included in the Masterplan.