LKS will develop the extension of a processed meats plant in Bogota (Colombia)

LKS will develop the designs and project and construction management of the extension of the processed meats plant that the company La Fazenda Agropecuaria Aliar has in Bogota (Colombia). It is a plant for processing, packing and wrapping fresh cutting and processed pork products; it also has fresh and frozen cold rooms.

The project is developed in 3 plots, with a total of 4,323 m², attached to existing facilities. The extended construction will be developed in 3 plants that will come to 6,530 m² of built-up area, plus a self supporting cold room, 11.40 m high and 620 m² built.

The design will be made under environmental parameters: energy efficiency, sustainability, implementation of quality standards, HACCP systems, traceability and food safety; as well as the approval of facilities and processes according to third markets for export activity (USDA, FSIS, FDA, IFS, BCR).