The LKS Group receives the Award for Services Company in the awards that Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce presents each year

The LKS Group has received the award as a Services Company in the framework of the awards presented by Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce to Industry and the Services Company.
Alberto Gorroñogoitia, Managing Director of LKS Ingeniería, and Fermin Garmendia, Managing Director of LKS, received from Ander Aizpurua, Director of Wholesale Banking, the award for services company, which acknowledges its career of permanent expansion, sustained growth and a philosophy based on human and social values.
The Managing Director of LKS, Fermín Garmendia, stated that “this award acknowledges all those at LKS, those who are currently in the project and those who, despite not being in it now, have contributed to making it stronger”. He also thanks LKS’ clients, its allies and MONDRAGON. Regarding the future, Garmendia expressed the Group’s objective to become stronger and to continue growing, developing a successful Business Model.
For his part, Gorroñogoitia stated that “the award is an incentive”, and explained that it would be difficult to understand LKS without understanding its principles, in which it aims to promote new cooperatives and to help the MONDRAGON group to grow. In the same way, he wanted to share the award with the rest of the companies of Gipuzkoa.
The event was presided over by the Lehendakari, Patxi López, and it was also attended by the Basque regional minister for Industry, Bernabé Unda, as well as representatives from the business world in Gipuzkoa, like the president of Adegi, Eduardo Zubiaurre.