Mondragon Unibertsitatea and LKS create an Expert University Degree in Governance

Mondragon Unibertsitatea and LKS have set up an expert university degree in Governance to help politicians and governors to direct public institutions and bodies. The training is aimed at staff from local institutions, territorial authorities, instrumental public bodies, political parties, political posts, executive posts or senior officials or Heads of Area in the public sector.
Governing is not easy, even more so in times of crisis, when the good management of a local or territorial institution is a key factor for the future of that municipality or territory, and, therefore, it is essential to develop the necessary skills to successfully govern the public institutions and their instrumental bodies. Mondragon Unibertsitatea, alongside LKS, will launch an Expert University Degree in Governance in January, under the specific heading of "Government and Executive Management in Local and Territorial Institutions", which has the objective of strengthening the executive and management skills of politicians and public executives, focusing them on improvement and innovation in the provision of public services.
Rafael Jiménez, who has broad experience and is highly appreciated in the area of public authorities and local government, is the academic coordinator of the degree. The course, developed in blended format, will combine classroom-based learning with on-line learning. The academic structure is divided into 10 modules that cover from basic institutional skills for successfully governing and directing a local government, citizen participation, budgets and local economic-financial management for efficiency or innovation and ICT’s, among other modules.