LKS KREAN Architecture complete the remodelling of the Zubiarte Shopping Centre

LKS KREAN Architecture has been a protagonist in the remodelling of Zubiarte since 2015 with the first sketches, and eventually taking charge of the projects and the construction management. It is an urban shopping centre in the Abandoibarra neighbourhood of  Bilbao, in which LKS KREAN intervened in 2004 with the project and construction management. 

The aim of the remodelling is to reorganize the commerce on offer bringing together all the textile stores in a single floor, widening the areas dedicated to catering and adding  large operators such as Mediamarkt, as new commercial "anchors". This strategy seeks a repositioning of the centre that allows it to compete with the powerful commercial and leisure offer existing in the urban core of Bilbao. At the same time, the visibility of the façades of the upper floors is improved by replacing railings and parapets with glass elements, the circulation elements are relocated in areas that are more visible and new retro-illuminated glass walkways are added, connecting the different buildings and radically improving circulation between stores. The intervention is complemented by the commercial activation of the mall space with new playgrounds for children and food stands, which seek to offer a new "experience" to the customer of Zubiarte.