LKS Engineering & Architecture will write the initial approval document for the revision of the Partial Territorial Plan of the Bilbao Metropolitano (PTPBM) functional area

The scope of the contract signed between LKS Engineering & Architecture and the Department of Transportation, Mobility and Territorial Cohesion of the Provincial Government of Bizkaia includes the the preparation of documents required for the initial approval of  PTPBM revision , and the preparation and execution of a Public Participation Program for the diffusion and sharing of the contents and proposals of the successive phases of work.


These phases are as follows: PHASE 1: Study of the public participation contributions in the Advance phase; PHASE 2: Drafting the proposal of the document prior to the initial approval; PHASE 3: Public participation prior to initial approval, consultation and processing of sectoral reports; PHASE 4: Drafting of the initial approval document.

The Partial Territorial Plan of Metropolitan Bilbao, in force since 2006, is the territorial ordinance instrument that defines the structure and territorial model of the Functional Area of Metropolitan Bilbao, composed of 35 municipalities, with a total area of 253km² and 910,578 inhabitants.
It is therefore a key piece in the construction of a competitive, cohesive, balanced and attractive metropolitan area, through the coordination of policies and the dialogue of the agents.