Liebherr opens new refrigerator production plant in India, a project lead by LKS Engineering and Architecture

LIEBHERR has unveiled the first plant of its appliance division in India, a project in which LKS Engineering and Architecture has collaborated.

The plant is located on a 200,000 m² plot and has space for future extensions. Its modern and flexible facilities have a production capacity of 500,000 refrigerator units per year.
The constructed area in this first phase is approximately 40,000 m² and includes, in addition to the production area, a warehouse, offices, laboratories and other auxiliary areas.
This plant is the only one in the white goods field in India that is air conditioned with air treatment units in order to keep the atmosphere clear of dust, for a higher quality production.
Due to the scarcity of water in the area, a rainwater harvesting system has been designed and implemented. This water is used to recharge the underground aquifers. Additionally, recycled water is used for irrigation and other uses.
LKS Engineering and Architecture´s scope of work includes concept design, detailed engineering & PMC as well as building license and approvals management.