Last saturday we planted our forest... at least a good portion of it; not even the cyclogenesiscould stop us!!

On Saturday March 24 2018, 16 girls and boys and 22 adults planted 145 trees from 6 different species in order to compensate LKS’s carbon footprint in 2016. LKS fellow colleagues and their families, volunteering with Lurgaia Foundation, compensated not only the emissions generated by LKS, but also contributed to the recovery of biodiversity by spending a beautiful morning despite the inclement weather. Nor even the cyclogenesis was capable of stopping the determined participants.

The day consisted in the planting of different species of trees and shrubs. The idea was to learn about the conservation of biodiversity with our work, followed by refreshments. As usual, Lurgaia Foundation was in charge of bringing the necessary materials. Participants brought eagerness and unstoppable courage.
LKS has been reducing its emissions since 2010 and it is, nowadays, the only engineering Company in the country that compensates its emissions, having registered it in the Spanish Office of Climate Change since 2015. Since Saturday, it is us, with our hands and our 'joined and fun' work, who plant the forest and take responsibility. Our commitment has gone a step further, with our volunteering and that of our families, and for the common good.
We started with 145 trees and Lurgaia will continue to plant until they reach the 600 that we need in order to compensate our footprint, as we continue to take part in reducing our emissions every day!