LKS in the XVIII Companies Road Race celebrated in Madrid

Last Sunday, December 17, the 18th Companies road race was held in Madrid which involved 16,000 people from more than 500 companies. This is the first year that LKS has joined in with a high number of participants. In total 24 of us ran in the race.

The stage was the Paseo de la Castellana with departure at 9:00 in the morning from the Plaza San Juan de la Cruz, in front of the emblematic Madrid Science Museum and returning to the same place, passing through such unique places as the Santiago Bernabéu, the Picasso tower, the Plaza Castilla or the Plaza de Colón.
The route was divided into two, one of 6 km and another of 10 km. Only the most professional in each company had th e courage to run in the latter and this included our colleagues Miguela Modrego, Manuel Luque, Jose Félix Gómez, Pepe Martinez, Carlos Serrano, Fernando Segovia and Carla Vazquez.
For the 6 km race, no less professional than the previous option, although shorter, Luis Alberto Embid, Antonio Javier Linares, Julio Lopez, Julián Rodriguez, Concepción García, Alexandra Torres, Marcia Reyes, Francisco José Caballero, Julián Groba, Julián Fernández, Santiago Sánchez, Jesús Medina, Laura Ameneiros, Patricia Fernández, Carmen Carretero, Rafael Valencia and Patricia Esteve participated.
In short, although we tried to set the bar very high, the intention was to have fun as a team and that we did! And thanks to the collaboration of the company we were among the most visible of the race with the orange LKS shirt.