MISE and AYUDA EN ACCIÓN sign an Agreement to promote the development of rural communities

MISE, the engineering, business and educational services division of MONDRAGON, and the NGO Ayuda en Acción, sign an alliance to promote the "Smart Rural Communities" project for the integral development of rural areas. The first pilot experience will be in Colombia.

The agreement has counted on Mundukide Fundazioa, NGO of the cooperatives, as interlocutor and in its first phase the cooperatives LKS Engineering, Alecop, LKS and MSI will participate in the project.
The Smart Rural Communities project seeks to achieve the development of these communities in areas such as energy, the impact of climate change, access to water, sanitation and connectivity, microfinance or people training - Youth and women - and social organizations and businesses. After elaborating a methodology of work, a visit will be made in July to five rural communities in the north of Colombia that will allow first hand verification of the main needs of the population in these areas (around 1,500 people).
The objective is to be able to launch a first pilot project in early 2018, once access to funding has been achieved. In this way, it will have been possible to offer a comprehensive, sustainable and scalable solution that will allow thousands of people living in rural communities today to access opportunities to  to live life to the full in their places of origin.