LKS will collaborate in the drafting of four new hospital projects in Peru

LKS will participate in the design of four hospitals nationwide: The PNP Luis N. Sáenz National Hospital in Lima, the Pampas Hospital in Huancavelica, the Llata Hospital in Huanuco and the Virú Hospital in La Libertad.
The improvement of emergency and outpatient services of PNP Luis N. Sáenz National Hospital, promoted by the Ministry of Interior, includes a new six-floor building that will have an area of 30,639 m². The project will increase the number of direct beneficiaries from 381,773 to 714,647.
The new Pampas Hospital, promoted by the Regional Government of Huancavelica, proposes to include a new four-floor building with an area of 13,132.87 m2. The estimated direct beneficiaries are 1,617,058 people.
For the Llata Hospital, located in Huanuco, the Ministry of Health has proposed a new six-floor building with a total area of 10,316 m2. The project involves complete reengineering of the structural and functional aspects, as well as turning the health centre into a II-E Hospital (currently I-4).
These first three projects are to be developed in a collaboration framework with Aidhos, specialist in hospital architecture. The first and largest project, will be developed along with De la Piedra, one of the most prestigious architectural firms in Peru, within the framework of a $ 90 million turnkey project developed by Dragados and the Peruvian construction company JCC.

Finally, the Regional Government of La Libertad Department promotes the new Virú Hospital to be built over an area of 9,858.17 m². This will be the first time LKS Peru develops a technical project for a new build hospital.