LKS and Anoeta Kiroldegia-Anoeta Sports City sign the contract for the remodeling of the Donostia-San Sebastian Stadium

The scope of the contract signed between LKS and Anoeta Kiroldegia-Anoeta Sports City consists in the integrated management of the project and construction for the remodeling of the Anoeta Stadium in Donostia-San Sebastián. The project will include various outputs such as the organization and global control of the program, project management, construction management, health and safety coordination and other technical and additional services. The project, which will begin this month of May, has an expected duration of 41 months and an investment of 45 million euros.

The Anoeta stadium is a mixed typology sports facility in which a semi-elliptical athletics tracks surrounds a regular grass 105 x 68 meters football pitch. The main objectives of the remodeling include the generation of new spaces to increase the intensity of use of the stadium,  to  increase  the capacity by 10,000 spectators (currently the capacity is 32,289 spectators and will become to 41,952 after the remodelling), access improvements, accessibility, and the elimination of deficiencies and non-compliance with the current rules for the UEFA category 4.
With this remodelling it will be possible to modernize the current installation, to bring the spectator closer to the field of play by converting the area into a rectangular space with the stands parallel to the field, suppressing the athletic tracks and transferring the advertising hoardings and benches. All phases of the work will be carried out simultaneously with the football operation of the Stadium, guaranteeing a minimum capacity of 28,000 spectators.
In this project for a new image of the stadium, the strength of its symbolism has also been sought, the new envelope has been conceived looking for the opportunity to be a symbol of the city.