30 years of passion for Design

LKS DIARA DESIGN team reaches thirty years of activity in the world of Design, the last fifteen years integrated in LKS Ingeniería, S.Coop.

DIARA, S.Coop. started its activity in July 1986, and has been a member of the MONDRAGON Corporation since its inception.  Launched as an Industrial Design services company for the conception, design and development of new products related to multiple industrial sectors, for both consumer goods and capital goods, and others.
Since the beginning, in parallel with product design, Diara has also carried out transport design projects, starting with coaches and later trains to become one of the international references among design teams, thanks to the large number of  high speed, metros and trams projects, such as Shanghai, Delhi and Santiago de Chile. 
In recent years they have also addressed the Health sector, designing products and spaces; from diagnostic and treatment devices, furniture and equipment for laboratories and hospitals, to projects to improve the user experience from the perspective of Design Services.
Both, current members of the design team and some former members attended the 30th anniversary celebration, consisting of a light lunch at the Hotel School of Vitoria after which they had a cultural visit , enjoying the chance to visit the contemporary muralist work which is being carried out in Antezana/Andetxa (Alava), guided by its author Xabier Egaña.