The Government of Peru entrusts LKS with the elaboration of an irrigation project in Cajamarca

The object of the service contracted to LKS is the development of a project for the improvement and rehabilitation of the San Pedro de Perico irrigation canal infrastructure. The project consists in the improvement and rehabilitation of 42.5 km of irrigation canals, installation of the required infrastructures (pedestrian bridges, road bridges, lateral connections and others) and the implementation of training activities and technical assistance to the population who will benefit from these infrastructures.  The study area is located in the District of Chirinos, San Ignacio Province, Cajamarca Department, located in the Ceja de Selva area.

This studies to be developed by LKS, will enable that the works to be executed can serve 1.205,28 net hectares of cropland. The project, which is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, is part of the Jaén San Ignacio Bagua Masterplan and is part of the socio-economic development promoting projects in these areas of influence; the provinces of Jaen, San Ignacio and Cutervo in Cajamarca region and the whole Amazon region, covering a total area of 3,456,505 hectares.