LKS will supervise the new city hospital in Iquitos, Peru

The Regional Government of Loreto has awarded LKS the supervision of the project, construction and fit-out of the new level II-2 César Garayar García Hospital in the district of Iquitos, Maynas province, Department and Region of Loreto, in Peru.

The new hospital will have four floors and a constructed area of 19.707 sqm. The project will consist in the complete modification of the buildings as well as the supply services auxiliary infrastructures. The population who will benefit from the new hospital will be 321.052 habitants from the districts of Iquitos, Belen, San Juan Bautista and Alto Nanay (Province of Maynes, inside the region of Loreto, in the Amazon’ jungle). It is hoped that this infrastructure will reduce the sickness and mortality rates  by around 2%.