LKS registration in the carbon footprint national registry

LKS advances in its goal for 2015.  The registration of the footprint can only be made after completion of the year in question; it is the first step of the offsetting in order that LKS can be classified as a carbon neutral company.  This first step was taken on the 12th of July 2016, when the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment through the Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC) confirmed the registration of LKS in the Carbon Footprint Register created by the RD 163/2014.

Likewise, within the Sustainability Plan 2010-2015, various reduction measures have been implemented by the Eco-Groups which have reduced the organization´s carbon footprint helping  close the circle "Calculate, Reduce and Offset."

In the case of LKS, the direct fuel emissions of the  Arrasate headquarters have been included as well as any trips attributable to projects  made by workers using private vehicles.  Electric consumption in the Arrasate headquarters and the offices in Bilbao, Vitoria, San Sebastian and Pamplona have also been included, as well as any fugitive emissions of refrigerant gases that have been documented during inspections of air conditioning systems in the aforementioned offices.

This is the first step in the goal to make LKS CO2 Neutral.  The next step is the offsetting of the 241.1 tons of CO2 which have been measured using the OECC system and buying carbon credits to offset the footprint before the end of the year.  This purchase will go to funds financing climate projects and projects that have an impact on social development consistent with cooperative principles.

We encourage you to include the footprint stamp on your email signatures, in order to disseminate LKS´s commitment with the Environment.