Bilbao City Council presents a report on The General Urban Land-Use Plan, developed with the technical assistance of LKS

Bilbao City Council, with technical assistance from LKS, has developed a Report on the city’s General Land-Use Plan (PGOU), which will now be subjected to a process of citizen participation, as previously planned.

The Bilbao City Council contracted LKS  in August 2014 to carry out the drafting of the PGOU revision Report. During these two years of work, previous studies have been synthesised and, based on an analysis of the urban model throughout the history of the municipality and the state of implementation of the previous General Plan, the urban strategy has been established and proposals and alternatives made for management from both the sectorial standpoint (physical and natural environment, mobility and transport, economic activity, residential areas, open spaces and green areas, equipment, etc.) and land use standpoint in the different proposed urban areas.

The Bilbao City Council has just presented the Citizen Participation Process (PPC) “Bilbao Aurrerago!” for General Urban Land-Use Plan (PGOU) Report, in which starting in September, the city model will be discussed for the coming decades and the integrated management of the entire municipal territory, based on the prepared document and the objectives, strategies, and proposals presented.