LKS aids Ihobe in the inter-institutional committee for the establishment of a common policy in green public purchasing and contracting

During 2016, the 2nd Green Public and Contracting Program 2020 will proceed to be implemented, with the incorporation of all administrative levels of the Basque Country as the major news. The Inter-Institutional Committee features representatives from 16 government agencies. Among the public companies involved are VISESA, AZPIEGITURA, SPRILUR, URA, the Consorcio de Aguas de Bilbao Bizkaia, and IHOBE itself. The management sector is represented by the three Provincial Councils, the Regional Councils of the three capitals, and the Departments of Housing and Education.

The potential of Green Public Purchasing and Contracting in the Basque Country is very important, as this subject represents a substantial percentage of the annual overall budget with about 8% of the GDP. Furthermore, the results of this Inter-Institutional Committee complement the recently approved DECREE 178/2015 of 22 September, on energy sustainability in the public sector of the Basque Country, which needs a public purchasing dynamic that is dynamic solid, structured, and shared.

The objectives of the Inter-Institutional Committee include reviewing the models and tools for existing contracting tools in each agency, as well as the execution of an agreement between all stakeholders, with a commitment to promote green public purchasing through a unified procedure in which the environmental factor plays a highly specific role in all tenders of the Basque public administration.

To date, a number of Technical Guidelines have been developed, which were, in turn, the basis for establishing environmental criteria for the purchase of housing estates, buildings, enclosures, pavings and claddings.