LKS to perform PCM services for the construction and commissioning of a crude palm oil extraction plant in Colombia

RIOPAILA CASTILLA, a Colombia-based agribusiness company with 97 years of experience in the domestic and international market and a leader in the production and marketing of sugar, honey and alcohol fuel, has begun a process of diversification for the production of palm oil and has trusted in LKS for comprehensive management (Procurement and Construction Management) and technical consultancy services for its new crude oil extraction plant in the municipality of Santa Rosalia, Vichada, Colombia.

The project includes the construction and commissioning of a plant capable of processing 10 metric tons of fruit per hour and a series of peripheral works such as an underground well for water extraction, water treatment systems, water distribution systems, electrical systems, boiler, waste processing plant, and administrative, operational and maintenance facilities, as well as roads, manoeuvring yards and loading & unloading areas.

The project will be developed in an area of difficult access and great environmental and cultural wealth, called Llanos Orientales, covering one third of the country’s surface and extending to the Orinoco and the border with Venezuela which, in conjunction with the local climate conditions, pose a great challenge at the technical, logistical and sustainability level.