LKS collaborates in the publication of the book "A unique approach for sustainable energy in Trinidad and Tobago" for “Inter-american Development Bank”

The Inter-American Development Bank (IABD) approved a loan to help Trinidad and Tobago, a major oil producer, to begin a process of transition towards a more efficient, sustainable and clean energy matrix.  The project was led by CAD, in consortium with Projekt Consult and LKS. Once the work was finished, IABD decided to publicize the findings for possible replication in other similar scenarios. This publication specifically acknowledges the contribution of the LKS staff (Andrew Ferdinando, Alvaro Galletebeitia, and Lander Jimenez Ocio) and LKS is described as a cooperative group that provides international expertise with strategic advice on various topics such as sustainable development and climate change.

LKS brought skills and knowledge in the development of a sustainable energy program; technical assistance to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in areas of energy efficiency and support for the different lines of action; consideration of various renewable energy resources and funding for pilot programs in these areas; as well as monitoring and verification of nine energy audits in public buildings.

The aim is to promote policy development, encourage activities and programs that support the deployment of renewable energy and implement energy efficiency measures in Trinidad and Tobago.  The project is based on the development of a sustainable energy policy framework to maximize the use of available natural resources.  With the support of these measures, the program contributes to the efforts of Trinidad and Tobago in reducing their emissions of greenhouse gases.

The consortium also applied for a GEF (Global Environmental Facility) financial grant for the construction and monitoring of 200 social housing, built with energy efficiency measures and renewable energy. For this task, LKS led the development of a detailed cost-benefit analysis over 20 years.