LKS assists IHOBE in the preparation of two new publications

Ihobe, Basque Government environmental agency, has awarded LKS the technical assistance for the preparation of two publications, a Guide on the incorporation of recycled materials in construction and a Catalogue of best practices with materials generated from construction and demolition waste. The contracted work includes identifying relevant contents for both publications, fieldwork and/or interviews with those responsible for the identified successful cases, and finishes with the final wording of the published texts.  The guide about the incorporation of recycled materials also includes a database of building materials with high content of recycled raw material and an Excel tool that will allow designers and developers to calculate the final percentage of the recycled materials incorporated in their projects and buildings.

With these two publications planned for this year, IHOBE aims to complete the set of tools available to the Basque construction sector, offering two practical guides that will support developers, technicians and constructors in the decision of choosing the materials they will use for their buildings and groundwork.  In this line, 2015 marked an important milestone with the publication, on the  12th January 2015, of the standard, which regulates the use of construction and demolition waste aggregates.  This has led to the regulation of a market with a lot of potential, and is expected to guarantee the quality of the recycled materials placed on the market.

It is foreseeable that the technical development of this project will provide innovative solutions in this sector, activating both the supply and demand for recycled and eco-labeled materials, and serving as support to administrations in green public procurement criteria.