Torres Quevedo Foundation and LKS sign an agreement to develop projects together

Leonardo Torres Quevedo, Foundation of the University of Cantabria and LKS, together with Mondragón Engineering and Services, have signed a collaboration agreement regarding activities related to water and sustainable development sectors. The Foundation president, José Carlos Gómez, and Alberto Gorroñogoitia representing Mondragón Corporation, signed the agreement in Santander last February 6th.

The aim of the agreement is joining capacities for the development of specific projects in the field of engineering, planning and environmental technologies, paying special attention to university-cities collaboration examples and smartcities, as well as iniciatives focused on sustainable development.

In this sense, they had a previous meeting with the mayor of Santander in order to evaluate the possible cooperation and innovation fields. LKS fits this initiative within a strategic line aimed at creating a network of partners around knowledge and universities.