LKS participates as an international expert in the development of a NAMA for sustainable housing in Mexico

In 2012, the Mexican National Housing Commission (CONAVI) developed the Sustainable Housing NAMA together with the Germany-Mexico Cooperation Agency (GIZ). The NAMA, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions programme, is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of both new and existing Mexican homes. It is estimated that 600,000 new residential units will be built annually over the next decade to meet growing demand and some 10,000,000 homes require urgent energy intervention. In line with this estimation, the "German Mexican NAMA Programme" of GIZ has planned the development of skills among professionals of the sector, running a training programme on a large scale and especially aimed at three target groups: homebuilders, energy advisors and work verifiers. The purpose is to train 2,000 people a year from 2016 to 2020. This initiative completes other existing projects in Mexico such as the green mortgage and ECOCASA programmes.

RENAC, a GIZ partner company, has contracted LKS to prepare the teaching material to be used in the deployment of this ambitious training programme. During the months of November and December LKS will also give two pilot training courses for the trainers who will then go on to give the courses on a large scale in 2016 and 2017. Likewise, LKS also participates in the group of experts advising the CONAVI and GIZ on the focus of the training programme, deployment strategies at state and federal level and the teaching methodology to be used.