LKS signs two new private contracts with RC HYDRO for the hydroelectric power station project in Churo (Peru)

The new services provided by LKS include the engineering design development concerning the defining of the hydroelectric plant in Churo, as well as the overall management of the transmission line, which connects the station with the main supply network.  This last appointment includes the drafting of environmental and archaeological engineering, and the communication with the different entities involved in order to obtain the required permits.

These contracts add continuity to previous ones which LKS was already workin on, in order to obtain the appointment for projecto management fo the full conferral of hydroelectric power station of Churo. Significant improvements have been achieved, such as reducing environmental and archaeological impact of the project and significantly increasing of the power rating of the plant.

This project is located in Cañete river basin, approximately 290 km southeast of Lima. It is a run-of-river station with a 4 km tunnel and it develops a 40 MW power. This is the first project that RC Hydro develops; however, they have three other hydroelectric projects around the country.