LKS will expand PV SONS facilities in India

LKS INDIA will develop the detailed design engineering, Procurement, Project Management and Construction Supervision of the expansion of PV Sons facilities in Pune. The extension project consists of the construction of three silos, an auxiliary building and utilities on a 9,000 sqm plot. Each silo will be 18m in diameter and 21m in height, with a load of 4,200 tones.

PV Sons is a family-run company, dedicated to producing corn and rice products and snacks. It is strategically located in Pune, Maharashtra, near the port of Mumbai and it supplies the Indian market and many other countries around the world.

Their high quality products follow a rigorous production process beginning with the unloading into the storage facility, where the corn undergoes an extensive cleaning process. Subsequently it enters the mashing process, easing the separation into its different components and the degermination stage, a process that removes the germ and lowers the fat. Finally, it goes through a series of milling steps providing specific particle sizes that are sifted to precise customer specifications.