IK and LKS undertake the calculation of the carbon footprint of the Commonwealth of the region of Pamplona

IK and LKS lead the project to calculate the carbon footprint of the Commonwealth of the region of Pamplona/SCPSA. Other activities within the contracted services include determining the energy balance; assistance in the process to obtain the certificate; technical and administrative support for inclusion on the National Register of Carbon Footprint RD 163/2014; and action proposals for reducing the carbon footprint of the organization. 

The Commonwealth of the region of Pamplona (MCP) is a local entity formed voluntarily by 50 councils of the region of Pamplona, including Pamplona itself, covering a total population of 360,315 inhabitants distributed in 271 differentiated population centers. The total area reaches 1,201 km² and is located in the center of Navarra.

The project will calculate the carbon footprint “of the organization” according to the existing structure of operational control over the services of the integrated water cycle, which incorporates the services of water supply and sewage, collection and treatment of waste, local urban transport and River Park of the region and, simultaneously, the service of the taxi sector in the area of MCP.  Carbon emissions produced by fixed facilities (buildings and facilities), vehicle fleet and staff of each of the services provided by MCP / SCPSA will be counted.  Once finished the calculation, specific training will be provided to workers in MCP / SCPSA to acquire knowledge and appropriate techniques for the maintenance and continuity in the calculation of the carbon footprint steadily over time.