The Basque president Iñigo Urkullu received the Board of Directors of AVIC

The Board of Directors of the Basque Association of Engineering and Consulting Enterprises (AVIC) met at the start of the year with the Basque President Inigo Urkullu, in which the members of the new governing organs were presented and the strategic parameters, approved in the extraordinary assembly of 1 October, which will steer the actions of AVIC in this new stage were explained.

Attending this first institutional encounter of the Basque President were Aitor Alzola the CEO of AVIC, together with members of Boards of Directors Elena Zarraga (LKS), Esteban Barrenechea (IKEI), Juan Maria Aduriz (SAYMA), Borja Ormaetxea (CAF TEng) and Luis Fernando Martinez, General Director and Secretary of the association.

The Basque President Inigo Urkullu listened attentively to the lines of action of AVIC, centered on internal and external cooperation, influence and relevance, defence of the company and profession, and services to associates, thus giving a more precise overview of the situation of the advanced services sector which comprises Engineering and Consulting companies. During the meeting, the Basque President proposed areas of possible cooperation such as the Aquitaine-Euskadi Euro region, the Work Community of the Pyrenees or the Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Queretaro, showing the participative character in which this visit was undertaken.