Inauguration of the Eroski automated logistics platform in Elorrio

On November 24th Eroski, a leader in the retail sector in Spain with more than 2,050 stores, opened the automation of its logistics platform in Elorrio, in which LKS provided design technical assistance, construction management and project management.

The project has implied an investment of over €40 million. It consisted in the extension and improvement of the logistics platform in order to automate the processes from reception to shipment of dry products in the northern area. This platform will serve 26 hypermarkets and 325 supermarkets. The project also consisted in the extension of a 22m tall and 3,000 sqm silo, a new 2,700 sqm entrance and office building; new accesses and a 2,500 sqm reverse logistics building.

The modernization of the facilities enables the automation of 70% of the volume handled; around 2,000 tons of traffic. The system allows the reception & storage of  goods and the preparing orders to stores automatically, with practically no manual handling, managing up to 1,100 different products.