New projects in Panaji (Goa), India

The State Government of Goa, our main customer in India, has recently awarded us 7 new infrastructure projects. These awards arise from the agreement signed in 2012 with the local development agency GSIDC, which also included the master plan we did in the city of Panaji.

As a result of this master plan, large projects are being approved for the future development of the city. In September, we were asked to prepare the bidding documents, building design and construction and management of various public infrastructure projects to be developed in a period of time of approximately 18 months.

These projects include Baga beach promenade, a pedestrian promenade that runs parcially along the the Baga River with a total length of 2 km and where a 6 m wide cantilever is proposed; Panaji church square, a  redevelopment of an area in the town center where mobility approaches, paving, pedestrian routes and services proposed in the master plan are developed; and Ribandar road and market, a new road that will free the current one connecting Ribandar and Panaji, as well as the construction of the biodiversity park proposed in the masterplan.

Other projects awarded are: Old goa area lighting; lighting project in Old Goa, for the decennial exposition of San Francisco Javier; Dona Paula jetty, redevelopment of one of the premier tourist destinations in the city of Panaji where several bollywood movies have been filmed; Miramar 2nd phase project, landscaping and street furniture that are currently running; Caculo colony area, redevelopment of the Marriott hotel surroundings in Panaji; Bambolim university lighting, lighting project in the road between Bambolim and Goa University.