LKS opens a path in the Peruvian private energy sector by means of a contract with RC Hydro SAC

The services provided by LKS Engineering Division, will enable RC HYDRO to obtain the definitive concession for the construction of a 36MW-power hydroelectric plant. The project is located in the basin of the Cañete River, about 290 kilometers southeast of Lima. RC HYDRO SAC belongs to the ARUNTANI Group, a holding that brings together over 14 companies, being the second largest gold producer in Peru.

LKS will develop a wide range of studies required by Peruvian law for the development of projects in the energy sector. The most important studies are as follows: water-use studies, geological and geotechnical studies, engineering for clearing reservoirs, assessment of archaeological remains, environmental impact studies and operational studies which simulate the behaviour of the plant when entering the interconnected Peru power system. As a result, the required engineering settings of the hydroelectric plant will be undertaken at feasibility level. The estimated duration of the service is twelve months.