LKS collaborates with the Government of Uruguay in innovation

LKS collaborates with the Government of Uruguay in the introduction of innovation in the management dynamics of self-managed businesses and other companies liable to receive grants from the Development Fund (FONDES).

LKS is developing a consultancy project for the Planning and Budget Office (OPP) of the Government of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay. The objective of the project consists of defining a work model that favours innovation among self-managing businesses, some of which are cooperatives, and other companies liable to receive grants from the Development Fund (FONDES).

Innovation is a need that was already detected in previous work carried out by LKS as a sustainability condition for business models of this type of companies and that the Director of the OPP, Gabriel Frugoni and the Advisor of President Mujika, Pedro Buonomo emphasised in their recent visit to MONDRAGON, accompanied by Nico Rehermann of LKSur. On this visit they held meetings with various group companies and, in particular, with LKS, with the participation of the then Managing Director of the MISE Division and current President of MONDRAGON Corporation's General Council, Javier Sotil; the Managing Director of LKS, Elena Zárraga; the President of the Governing Council, Iñaki Ormaetxe; the Director of Management Consultancy, Carlos Barandiaran, and the consultants responsible for responding to the request for collaboration that they presented. Alberto G, General Manager of LKS Ingenieria S. Coop. and JMM, International Business Development Director of LKS Ingenieria S. Coop. held also a meeting during the visit of the two Government Officials from Uruguay.

Once the proposal was accepted, two consultants from LKS Strategy, Alfonso Echanove and Cristina Múgica, travelled to Uruguay for two weeks to start the project development which is expected to end in the month of February. In the city of Montevideo the two LKS consultants held more than 20 meetings with representatives from government and representative companies of the Uruguayan innovation ecosystem, of the self-managing companies and the cooperative movement in Uruguay. Similarly, during the stay, two introduction to innovation workshops were organised for self-managing business that have already presented their projects to FONDES, with a total attendance of 28 businesses.

The activities carried out over the two weeks provided extensive knowledge of the situation of the Uruguayan innovation ecosystem and the current situation of self-managing companies related to innovation. From there, the project will consist of designing a work proposal to favour innovation in businesses, which must be validated by those responsible in the government in order to be established in FONDES.