Opening of public washrooms network prototype in Goa (India)

The Exhibition of the Sacred Relics of St. Francis Xavier will be held in Goa later this year. It is one of the largest public pilgrimages of the Catholic faith in India, which is held every 10 years. For such event, LKS has designed the first building for public washrooms that will serve the thousands of pilgrims coming to the Basilica of Old Goa. The building has seven toilets and two showers for women; five toilets, five urinals and two showers for men and a toilet for disabled people. It has been built using a modular system with phenolic panel finish. The toilets are already operating with great success among users.

This building is a prototype for a network of public washrooms that the Government of Goa intends to build in Panaji (capital of Goa) and whose desgng was commissioned to LKS. The proposal is part of the Masterplan of Panaji drafted by LKS in 2013.

The toilets will serve both tourists and local people who do not have toilets or running water in their homes. Therefore, the challenge was to achieve a very functional design, being aesthetically attractive and easy to build and maintain. Authorities from other municipalities have already shown their interest in the prototype.