LKS in Urban Regeneration Forum in BIA

LKS will take an active part in the Urban Regeneration Forum Conference in BIA, Bilbao Bizkaia Architecture, which will be held in Bilbao on September 24th, 25th and 26th.

BIA is a network for the development and broadcasting of Bizkaian architecture, which emerged within the Bizkaia branch of the Basque Institute of Architecture.
BIA will gather the experience and knowledge of both large companies and small independent studios, all of them with high export potential. Internationalization, knowledge sharing and public participation are the base of the framework in which architecture and town planning are the leitmotif of the undertaken actions.

The Urban Regeneration Forum Convention will show the industrial and business fabric that has enabled urban solutions in Bilbao to be the key of the transformation of the city.

LKS will present three lectures at the Convention. The Integrated Cooum river eco-restoration plan in Chennai and Masterplan for holistic development of Panaji city, developed in the states of Tamil Nadu and Goa in India, and LEED & BREEAM study: Alternative method of analysis.

The presentation of the Integrated Plan Cooum river restoration emphasizes the metropolitan scale and inpact of the plan in the short, medium and long term. It will highlight the integration solutions as well as the main challenges of project implementation such as the need for prioritizing actions, intergovernmental co-ordination, and the necessary management and financing.

Panaji masterplan will explain the process to develop a prospective document for 2033. With the aim to convert Panaji into a first level town, the masterplan´s proposal is to preserve its heritage and cultural values in order to achieve a better quality of life in a sustainable environment, through public-private partnerships and the participation of the community, creating a feeling of belonging amongst its citizens.

Finally, a comparative study of the two environmental certifications more commonly used in the West, Leed and Breeam will be presented from an alternative point of view by analyzing features which, although implicit in the guidelines are not shown directly. The contribution of such certifications to the world of sustainable architecture will be analysed.

LKS´s participation in BIA will promote our services in this area, showing it not only to sponsors as the Town Hall or the Regional Government of Bizkaia but also to the institutions and actors involved and attending the Congress.