Bilbao City Council Awards LKS the preliminary review of The General Urban Development Plan

Last August 25th, LKS was awarded the preliminary review of the General Urban Development Plan by the Bilbao City Council which will set up the criteria, objectives and general solutions for urban planning over the coming years.

The General Urban Development Plan currently being reviewed was developed in 1995. This is the plan that has converted the industrial city of former years into todays service city.

Since then, the level of compliance and development of the Plan, and the multiple changes in the town and the metropolis in various fields such as the physical environment, the territorial-sectoral-urban legislation or the new socio-economic context, among others, make it absolutely necessary to review it.

In order to address this review, Bilbao City Council created the Plan Review Office in 2009.  Since then, LKS has been working for this office in different studies, such as the study of alternatives for urban development for the Punta Zorroza area, study of territorial impacts on the municipality of Bilbao or the Amendment of the Urban Plan for Punta Zorroza area, this being the last area on the river liable to be regenerated. Its development will promote new high quality sites for both, residential and economic activity, sports and social facilities, open spaces and green areas for Bilbao.

Bilbao City Council once again trusts in LKS,   this time to develop the preliminary review of the General Urban Development Plan, which will be completed by March 2015.