LKS joins the I-Sare project

The Council of Donostia/San Sebastián-through its Development  Society, the Gipuzkoa Regional Council, the GAIA TEIC Cluster and IK4 Research Alliance join forces, through a partnership agreement, to install in the “Enertic” building  a  40 kw microgrid  to generate, store and distribute energy in a sustainable way, placing  the companies of Gipuzkoa at the forefront of smart grids.

The project aims to promote the integration of the different renewable energies in order to save energy, reduce costs and increase reliability becoming the gateway to the deployment of a smart grid in Gipuzkoa.

ISARE Microgrid is an experimental research project, which is a unique pilot initiative in the state to produce energy, distribute it efficiently and store it for marketing. The smart energy microgrid is installed in ENERTIC, in the 27 industrial area and its eco design will turn it into zero-emissions.

I-Sare participates with relevant partners in innovation and energy sectors such as Iberdrola, Cegasa International IK4 and OASA led by Jema Group.

LKS Energy has participated in this project in the design, construction and commissioning of a 40Kw photovoltaic park composed of high performance mono-crystalline modules.