LKS designs services and supplies for the Odintsovsky district Eco-Park in Moskow (Russia)

LKS, engineering division, is designing the supplies and services for the Eco Park at the Odintsovsky district in Moscow (Russia).

It is a residential and leisure private park, in the exclusive western belt of the capital, carried out by a renowned local developer.  This area has several buildings, recreation and relaxation area, bathrooms, and premises for horse riding and care, driving track and trekking routes.

Partnering with the local engineering company Engex, the scope of works begins with a preliminary analysis of supplies, bioclimatic study and conceptual design services, continuing with the services detail design, including both energy and water supply and treatment, always considering sustainability criteria in the design of this Eco Park.

Moscow is the capital and largest city in Russia. It is also the most northern megacity on Earth. With nearly 12 million registered people and about 17 floating, according to the Telegraph, it is the second largest city in Europe after Istanbul and the fifth in the world.