Eduardo Llanos, mexican architect with large experience, takes charge of the new office of LKS, division of Engineering, in Mexico

An architect, with degrees in Architecture and Urbanism at the UPC in Barcelona, Eduardo LLanos is a BIM expert and has extensive experience in different real estate and construction companies. His background includes design, construction management and consulting projects for companies in various  sectors, both in Spain and abroad. Eduardo takes charge of LKS Ingeniería in Mexico.

With this incorporation, LKS Ingeniería has physical presence in the country with  a commercial office in the city of Queretaro where they are developing various projects in the educational, technological and industrial fields, such as the Contemporary University, Technology Park and Assembly. industrial plants. Eduardo will combine management of these projects with further business development in Mexico.

Given the large boom that the Mexican economy is experiencing, due to  macroeconomic figures supported by the recovery of its northern neighbour, the Mexico delegation aims to become one of LKS's major international branches.  It aims to respond to the characteristics of the regional market and its forecasted growth in the coming years, especially in the construction sector, where a large share of investment is being channeled to meet the countries needs for new infrastructures.