LKS and the University of Cantabria are hosting a session on agile methodologies for project management

LKS and the University of Cantabria have held a training session on "Project management using agile methodology" at the Science Faculty, bringing together over one hundred and seventy participants in the auditorium including professionals from the business world, teaching staff, university students and training centres.

The session, promoted by LKS, the Science Faculty and the UC Web Area (Vice-Chancellor of Institutional Relations and Coordination on the Cantabria International Campus), tackled the fundamental ideas behind agile methodologies and two of its most popular implementations: Scrum and Kanban, looking in greater depth at common practices and techniques in agile teams.

The session was opened by the Science Faculty Dean, Francisco Matorras and the director of LKS Cantabria, Vicente Briz. Matorras was delighted to hold activities that "bring new ideas in the IT sector to the University" and he declared that the Faculty was open to working with companies as required "either on training or on RTD+i".

The speakers' experience in supporting teams as they explore agile methodologies gave the session a practical focus.

The first speaker was Rodrigo Corral, a software developer who has worked for leading market software companies, and is now a manager at Plain Concepts. The second speaker, José Ramón Díaz, is an Agile Coach and has studied all disciplines surrounding software construction. He has over twelve years' experience and is dedicated to helping organisations improve by means of implanting agile methodologies.