LKS, IK, ECOINGENIUM and PACAY present the new “E2CO2.0” software that calculates the carbon footprint in construction

LKS, Ingurumenaren Kidea, Ecoingenium and Pacay Media, in association with “Gabinete Técnico de Publicaciones Precio Centro de Guadalajara” launch “e2CO2.0”, an online software tool that allows professionals to calculate the embedded energy and carbon footprint of a building, based on the construction process and the materials used during its construction, taking material transportation to the site and on site machinery energy consumption into account and thus reducing the environmental impact of the building.  This tool aligns itself with the European 20/20/20 objectives for 2020, based on 20% reduction of raw materials, 20% reduction in CO2 emissions and increasing by 20% the renewable energy contribution.  

Financed by SPRI (Business Development Basque Agency) and co-financed by European Union FEDER funds, the tool offers support in designing new buildings or retrofitting existing ones by promoting the use of more sustainable materials in order to reduce the environmental impact along with building costs and enabling corrective measures to be implemented previous to construction thus increasing the energy efficiency of the building.

This tool will help companies and professionals to optimize their projects, in respect to environmental issues, offering clients added value through promoting  sustainable development, progress and innovation.