The future outlook for humanity could be exceptional, provided the main global challenges are successfully dealt with.

According to the Millennium Project report "State of the Future 2013-2014", whose Node in Spain is coordinated by PROSPEKTIKER of the LKS Group.

The "State of the Future" report is a global view of the present situation and the outlook for Humanity, and is the result of integrating forecasts, trends and judgements of opinion leaders and scholars throughout the world, who present important future possibilities to improve current strategies of governments and companies. It is the most influential annual report on the future of Humanity, with Nodes throughout the world to extract and evaluate information which forms the basis of the report once analysed.

The "State of the Future 2013-2014" shows that the world is improving much more than the majority of pessimists believe, whereas future dangers are worse that what the majority of optimists think.

People in the world are becoming healthier, wealthier, better educated, more peaceful, more connected and living longer.  The rate of infant mortality has dropped 47% since 1990, extreme poverty in the developing world fell from 50% in 1981 to 21% in 2010, the rates for primary school completion  increased from 81% in 1990 to 91% in 2011, only one transborder conflict occurred in 2013, nearly 40% of Humanity is connected to Internet and life expectancy has increased 10 years over the last two decades reaching 70.5 years at the present time.

However, water tables are falling on all continents, intra-state conflicts and refugees are increasing, glaciers are melting, income inequality is becoming shameful, coral reefs are dying, ocean acidity is increasing, ocean dead zones have doubled every decade since the 1960s, half the world's topsoil has been destroyed, youth unemployment has reached dangerous proportions, traffic jams and air pollution are strangling cities. Between $1 and $1.6 billion is paid in bribes, organized crime gets twice the amount of money per year as all the military budgets combined, and half the world is potentially unstable.

"The "State of the Future" is an unparalleled overview of what is, what ought to be and how to achieve it", says Jerome Glenn, CEO of the Millennium Project.   “The 2013-14 edition is the richest array and synthesis of data, information and intelligent insights that has ever been assembled."