I International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility

LKS has recently participated in the I International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) held in Pamplona in the Magna Hall of the Central Building of the University of Navarra in which CSR was tackled from a multidisciplinary point of view (commitment, diversity, reconciliation, etc.).

Also participating were other companies and entities, pacesetters in this field, namely the Fundacion Adecco, Gasnatural Fenosa, Fundacion Masfamilia and Fundacion Seeliger and Conde, among others.

Iñaki Ormaetxe, CEO of LKS, together with Rafael Fuertes, Manager of the Fundacion Masfamilia, presented the focus of generating commitment and talent management through the tools which the reconciliation of professional, personal and family life offer.  Rafael Fuertes presented the “efr” model (model of managing work-family reconciliation) in the context of CSR while Iñaki Ormaetxe shared the experience on the design and introduction of the reconciliation model and its subsequent “efr” certification in LKS, throughout the last four years.