innovative effort and I&D&I

From the beginning, at LKS we have considered innovation to be a key factor in the company’s strategy. This has helped us to grow and remain in the national and international markets, identifying new opportunities and investing in them. 

Our vocation is to develop and promote solutions, products, services and businesses that respond to society’s needs. 

In order to increase our competitiveness in a global economy, innovation, like internationalisation, is the backbone of our Strategic Plan.

As part of our corporate culture, innovation is a process which, based on the ideas of our professionals and with knowledge management as our driving force, allows us to select the idea, study its feasibility and develop it with our own successful methodology, favouring entrepreneurship. As a result, we have collaborations with universities and technology centres generating new initiatives and services. 

It is hard to imagine growth like the sustained growth of LKS, without the development and introduction of new products and services in its catalogue of activities, without a true innovative culture that fully permeates all the people and the entire organisation.