The principles of social corporate responsibility are inherent in LKS’ true business nature. Participation, social responsibility and innovation, are values of all the MONDRAGON corporation companies.

Participation, Transparency and Honesty

LKS’ workforce has channels to seek information, receive information and contribute its own initiatives and opinions. The vertical communication is structured, and we have new tools and strategies to strengthen horizontal communication.

Job Creation

LKS’ growth in people in all of its areas of activities has been significant, as one of the main driving forces that move our business strategy and improving the quality of jobs and guaranteeing opportunities for professional development, two factors on which our human resources policy is based.

Gender Equality

Our historic commitment to gender equality results in the selection process being based on objective tests in which gender plays no part. In a group of more than 1000 workers, more than half are women.

Sustainability and Environment

A large part of our activity involves direct intervention in the environment and nature, which leads us to be permanently aware of this area, boosting and participating in initiatives that we explain further on.

Social Fund

We allocate 5% of our profits to an Education and Cooperate Promotion Fund.