management / operation

Within the management and operation area, LKS offers services in three specific fields:

Facility Management

Through the integral management of property, installations and services we provide tailor-made solutions, whereby a single contact person integrates the contracting, coordination and control of all the services that are outside of our clients’ core business, such as: asset management, project management, cleaning, gardening, vending, surveillance and access control, maintenance of installations (air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, etc.), etc.

Integral Management of Sports Facilities

Through the Integral Management of Sports Facilities service we offer solutions to the public authorities -and other private institutions- to face mechanisms of indirect management of their sports facilities and services, through state franchises for the construction, remodelling, management and operation of the equipment.

Integral Management of Renewable Energy Generation Plants

Through the service for integral management of renewable energy generation plants, LKS provides solutions for the efficient operation and control of the following facilities:

  • Photovoltaic solar energy plants
  • Solar energy concentration plants
  • Wind energy plants
  • Biomass plants
  • Geothermic energy plants

Waste Management

From the beginning, LKS has focused on the consolidation of a highly qualified and specialised offer in administrative, environmental, technical and constructive structuring of projects for solid urban waste management. We apply cooperative solutions in the logistic processes of waste collection and selection, characterised by the socialisation of part of the profits and the improvement in efficiency demonstrated by Mondragón Corporation’s experience as a benchmark player.


Contact information


Jon Berbel

Director of LKS Management/Operation